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Nineteenth Century Women Writers

Edited by R. C. Alston and J. A. Sutherland

The Women Writers collection provides scholars and general readers with a comprehensive map and collection of imaginative literature written during the age when women came into their own as authors. Most of the works reproduced have never previously been recorded in any bibliography, nor been gathered in a form in which they may easily be consulted and compared. The checklist of titles has been prepared by Robin Alston (Emeritus Professor of Library Studies at University College, London) and is based in the first instance on a systematic search among the shelf and acquisition-lists of the British Library. Some 4,500 women writers have been identified, many for the first time, and the total number of works covered by the checklist exceeds seventeen thousand.

While women wrote on a wide range of themes and subject matters, the collection seeks to do justice to all areas of their imaginative writing activity by including detective, sensation, silver-fork, historical, domestic and romantic fiction along with examples of minor verse and drama. Works written for a clearly juvenile reading public appear in the Children's Literature specialist collection, while numerous other works of a non-fictional nature may be found in the General Collection.

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