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Nineteenth Century Books on Art and Architecture

Edited by T. Fawcett

Nineteenth Century Books on Art and Architecture is a wide-ranging corpus of critical, historical and biographical works on art providing an indispensable guide to the artistic and creative climate of the period. It comprises 2,445 titles on approximately 10,000 monochrome and colour fiche.

Besides republishing outstanding works of permanent research value, the collection also samples extensively from minor literature to provide a full conspectus of nineteenth-century art publishing. The sources range from major reference works and historical surveys, through pattern and instruction books, manufacturers' catalogues to artists' monographs, art theory and criticism.

The collection spans the century which began with Neoclassicism and ended on the brink of modernism. Between 1801 and 1900 the output of books on the visual arts increased dramatically. The written word was supported with a mass of visual evidence and many of the books republished in the collection are rich in illustration.

Art and Architecture includes publications dealing with:

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