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Nineteenth Century Books on British Colonization

Edited by L. Hunter

Nineteenth Century Books on British Colonization is an unparalleled resource for studying the impact of British colonization in the nineteenth century. Comprising over 600 texts, the collection opens up new avenues of research into many areas enabling study of such themes as the correlation between commerce and empire, attitudes to race and colour, travel writing, and the foundation of pioneer communities. The collection represents the spectrum of colonial experience, from the reports of colonial administrators in Britain to the personal memoirs of settlers, travellers and the colonized.

This specialist collection contains texts selected from the General Collection on Society and Culture.

Subjects covered in the collection include:

  • Trade and commerce
  • Religion: the spread of Christianity
  • Relations with indigenous peoples
  • Slavery in the colonies
  • British emigration: the social solution
  • Immigrants' guide books
  • The colonies
  • Memoirs of life and travel in the colonies
  • Colonial government
  • Transport and public works
  • British rule in India
  • Visions of empire
  • Other empires: comparisons with Britain
  • Defence: the empire under threat

'Nineteenth Century Books on British Colonization offers a rare opportunity to those working in post-colonial studies, international history and of course nineteenth-century studies, to add depth and breadth to their theoretical and cultural analyses. The collection covers a wide range of printed material from British Empire sources. It contains texts from many colonized countries providing a valuable resource for comparative study. Not only does it make possible informed discussion about the historical and social contexts for persistent elements in colonial and post-colonial experience, but it encourages interdisciplinary engagement across political and economic history, literature, anthropology and other institutional and non-institutional discourses. The collection is comprised of important texts central to the current debates in this area and also rare texts from unlikely and marginal places, all of which add a material basis to issues of difference, sameness and transcultural political readings'.

Professor Lynette Hunter
University of Leeds

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